At Kutta, our Engineers architected and implemented a DO-178-based Safe Airspace Management Algorithm (SAMA) architecture to support supervised usage in accordance with the U.S. Army’s STANAG 4586 Interoperability Profiles (IOP). The SAMA is an airspace volume that is calculated using the desired altitude band, operational area for the Air Vehicle (AV), the Radio Frequency Line of Sight (RFLOS) for positive control, terrain, and Restricted Operating Zones (ROZs). Kutta’s DO-178C-based SAMA qualified tool produces a 3-dimensional (3D) volume complete with cutouts and boundaries that are used by the SAMA auto-router. This enables the operator, who may not be qualified to fly the AV, to “safely” and easily direct the AV’s flight path and control its payloads with point and click. The SAMA works to calculate a DO-178 based “safe” flight path within the capabilities of the AV and its payload while remaining inside the Safe Airspace Volume. The SAMA software is extremely CPU and memory efficient and can be integrated on any size of UAS. The SAMA is currently integrated into the Army’s Shadow Program of Record (PoR) UAS system.